One of the most powerful digital marketing strategies today is content marketing. With this method, it is possible to double website conversion rates as well as increase brand awareness and website traffic. You can also increase your company's income with content marketing. With our Content Marketing Service and experienced content writers, we produce special and SEO compatible content for your businesses. 


  1. Our Content Marketing Service; It includes a content strategy tailored to your business, audience, and goals. With our content development method, we determine the content calendar that your company should share and then we start to create your blog posts, online guides and special content according to your request with our experienced copywriters and marketing team.
  2. Our Content Marketing Service also includes SEO that optimizes your content for users and search engines. Using our network of industry influencers, you can view your content online where it matters most to your target audience. We help promote it in the environment.
  3. Each month we provide an easy-to-read content report that shows the performance of your content and feedback.



Our content marketing team works with your business to fully understand your company, your goals, and your industry, helping you develop a custom content marketing strategy designed to help your site's content rank in search engine results and convert customers.

One of the most important parts of our content strategy is keyword research. Our experienced team produces original content that drives high quality traffic to your website by researching keywords that are important to your audience.

What do we pay attention to when choosing keywords?

1.Search volume


When creating content, it is important to use keywords with lots of monthly searches. While a higher search volume may seem nice, it doesn't necessarily meet your goals, so we also consider keywords with a lower search volume. –




Depending on the SEO status of your website, it is not very easy to rank high in search results with highly competitive keywords. For this reason, our organic SEO services make an excellent contribution to content marketing services. – 


3.Cost Per Click (CPC)


Another item to be considered in keyword research is CPC. Our team can determine the potential value of your keyword against both your business and your competitors with this method. –


4.User intent


User intent is one of the most important points in keyword research. It is very important to create content that will respond to the intent of the user behind the keyword. Therefore, our team is primarily It delves into the keyword's user goals and then starts developing a content plan for you.


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Afterwards, our service focuses on creating a content project management program, and in this part, we create a content calendar for your strategy. We also set a deadline for writing the content and submitting it to your team for review.




Content creation, which is the core part of our Content Marketing Service, begins. With our experienced copywriters, we create multiple types of content, including long-form content, blog posts, infographics, online guides, audio-optimized content, white papers, and more. 




In addition to our authors who optimize your content, you will also have a dedicated account manager. If you are launching a long form content on your site, we write an attractive title tag and meta description for it. In this way, content optimized not only for users but also for search engines is created. Provides the best foundation for your content by optimizing your content for both parties and we make it successful. So by using our service, you will not only resonate with your target audience, but also rank well in search results. 




In addition to content creation, content promotion is also included in our content marketing services. Our experienced industry influencer network works to distribute your content online, and you can share it on sites and social platforms that matter most to your business. 


Content promotion allows you to increase brand awareness, and as more people connect with your content online, you can take advantage of increased site traffic, conversions, and revenue. 


We can also use paid strategies such as pay per click to promote your media on the web. Social media advertising, for example, is an excellent content marketing campaign strategy for content promotion.




We continue after creating and promoting your content. Our content marketing services include custom reporting that allows you to track your return on investment and get the best possible results from your marketing efforts.


Why invest in Content Marketing Services?


Content marketing is a must for businesses that want to reach their target audience through web marketing today. Even if your company is offline, content marketing services add value to it, and with a strong content marketing strategy, you can connect with audiences around the world.


This link results in the following noteworthy benefits:






People are now turning to the Internet to find all kinds of products. In addition, 80 percent of consumers use the internet for research services or products, and when it comes to local calls, there has been more than 500 percent increase in recent years. 


In summary, if you want to grow your business, using traditional marketing or advertising is no longer sufficient. Online visibility is critical; this is where content marketing is used. With a strategic content marketing plan, you can connect with consumers at various stages of your purchase funnel. 




One of the most valuable things your company has is your brand. In addition to defining your business, it contributes to the permanence and loyalty of your customers. It also affects purchasing decisions and therefore brand awareness is imperative.


With our Content Marketing Service, you can increase the awareness of your brand among your target audience. However, building brand awareness It is an ongoing strategy, just like SEO, as it is content marketing that takes time. Just like SEO, content marketing provides your company with long-term revenue and brand awareness. With increasing brand awareness, you can expect more customers to choose your company when they are ready to buy.


Research also confirms that content marketing is a source of strength when it comes to brand awareness. By creating your brand and establishing brand loyalty, it is possible to increase your wallet share up to nine times.




Rising conversion rate is another reason companies invest in content marketing. Recent research has revealed that businesses with content marketing plans have six times higher conversion rates than businesses that skipped this step.




In today's online world, consumers have a large amount of power. They can block ads in their browsers as well as choose which websites and companies to interact with online. This can make it difficult for you to reach your target audience through certain marketing channels. With our services, your business becomes an online hub for your ideal customer. We develop a competitive and thoughtful strategy that encourages them to read, interact and share your content, as well as gaining insight into your target audience as well as researching their preferences and pain points.




Many companies focus their business strategies on reaching the base of funnel (BOFU) customers. This is also understandable, and these consumers provide results that your team can then show to your company's decision makers. However, if you want to grow your business, you need to consider users early in your purchasing funnel. Your company on the first day Although they cannot call or buy your product, at some point they will respond to your calls to action (CTAs).

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