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Who Are We?
In the current era, in which the digital world occupies a significant place in every aspect of our lives, it is of great importance for all organizations to make their presence felt in this area. We are here to stand by your side in all the practices you will carry out in order to appropriately meet your visibility and traffic needs in the internet world, reach the right target audience, and attract loyal users.

Acting with the Digital Factory approach, Digital Exchange is a digital marketing agency that can touch every point of brands and provides 360-degree service. DEX (Digital Exchange), which was established with the investments of a leading technology company in Turkey, makes a difference with the artificial intelligence supported platforms it has developed in addition to the important steps it has taken in the digital advertising world.

Digital Exchange provides you with professional service in all areas of advertising with its own platforms such as 2Gether Social, Medialogy, Rawy, Accumulate, and Ihracat.in.

2Gether Social

2Gether Social could add strength to your brand&product with its 360° influencer and content marketing methods. Combining content and influencer, 2Gether Social is ahead of its competitors as a self-service, measurable platform. 2Gether Social which is a self-service platform, combines content, influencer and media for your product, brand or campaign and promotes it to the world without creating a perception of advertising by doing it in native ways. You could carry out the entire campaign process on a single platform and direct it as you wish.

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As the Medialogy team, we provide services to global brands from digital enterprises to ensure a strong and effective presence in all media, especially the internet. We provide value-oriented and solution-oriented services by creating strategic approaches and creating and sustaining stories that attract the target audience.

We help companies achieve the full potential of their online marketing and SEO strategies by creating original, high-quality and customer-specific content.

In addition, with our SEO control and Blog Management services, we increase your visibility, traffic and conversion rates to a great extent and become part of your team in these time and labor intensive works.

It is difficult for content without a strategy to add value to your brand. Without your content strategy, the audience you're targeting is unlikely to find and interact with your text or video content.

Your content strategy is the indispensable way to establish a valuable and lasting relationship with your target audience. Let's plan the content strategy of your brand together.

Let's take you one step further than your competitors!

We Focus on the Strategy, Creation and Promotion of Great Content.

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Rawy, a self-service video making platform, offers the opportunity to create your own video via the browser, avoiding hours of render process. Rawy, which offers great convenience to the user by separating all layers of a PSD file; it creates extra usage advantage for many brands, agencies and marginal consumers. 

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How to export in the new normal? With the world's first artificial intelligence-based export analysis and customer matching tool, develop your business and expand into new markets, start exporting or expand your exports.

In this period when e-commerce and digitalization are at the forefront, with the "NEW NORMAL", exporters will now be able to sell their goods and services to the customers they will acquire through these channels.

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Accumulate (Omnichannel Marketing Platform) 

Accumulate is a digital marketing brand which provides sectoral solutions with the products existing by e-commerce, small business owners, corporate and agencies through business partners. Which are; DMP, Digital Advertising (Programmatic Platform – DSP&SSP), Call Tracking, Video, E-mail, Analiytics & Reporting, Creative & UX/UI, CRM, Push Notification.

Acts as a strategic business partner with its industry expertise by adding value to its customers by reaching global and local brands with the right marketing channel at the right time.

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