Why should I use Snapchat Ad Service?


Snapchat is a suitable advertising channel especially for businesses aiming to reach young audiences. If you invest in snapchat advertising services, managed by our experienced team, you will reach not only young audiences, but also potential new customers that are not on Instagram. Snapchat, with an average session duration of 30 minutes, can still be a suitable platform for your business with its original ad content.


Set Your Advertising Target!


By using the Snapchat ad service, you can decide where your ads will take the user.

  • Redirection to Site: Snap directs users to your website.
  • Call & Message: Directs Snap users to call or message your business.
  • App Download: Directs Snap users to download your app.
  • Redirect to Application: Snaps redirects users to your application page.

Snapchat Ad Types


When people browse Snapchat, they come across tens of thousands of new stories and content every day. These contents are refreshed many times during the day. If you want your brand's advertising campaign to be selected amongst others by following current trends you can trust us. Our experienced team will provide the necessary assistance to run a successful advertising campaign.


There are many types of ads that you can use with your campaign. We can list some of them as follows.



• Link Ads: These ads appear in the middle of stories and can direct users to a website, video or app.

• AR Lenses: These ads are animated filters that can move with the user when the user opens the screen.

• Snapchat Geofilters: Geofilter Filters, which allows you to broadcast in a specific region, allows you to broadcast based on location.

• Application ads: You can create short 10-second videos through these ads, and direct users to your application on the App Store or Google Play.

• Story Ads: These ads, which you can see in the "For You" section of the "Discover" field, are located next to content from other sources. The published content is arranged to match other shares.


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