Take your products to global marketplaces

While adding your products to local marketplaces, also add them to global marketplaces to improve your e-export. Let's do all your marketplace management from start to finish. Let's increase both your domestic and global sales together.

Deliver your products around the World

We develop your e-exports by taking part in global marketplaces and promoting your products in target markets. We stand by you in store activation and product management processes in the world's largest marketplaces such as Amazon, ebay, and aliexpress. We follow the e-commerce and e-export trends for you, that you acquire new customers in global markets and reach your sales targets by acting in accordance with the new e-export dynamics in the marketplaces.

E-Marketplace Management

The most effective way to increase product sales in digital

The most effective way to increase your product sales both in the domestic market and in the global and local markets in the countries you target is to take part in the marketplaces that are already familiar to the target audience and to promote your products. We perform all processes such as warehouse management by allowing you to take part in Turkey's leading marketplace like Hepsiburada, GittiGidiyor, Trendyol, n11 . At the same time, we undertake your store applications and product and shipment management processes for leading global marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Ali express to improve your e-export.

  • We perform integration to all local and global marketplaces, store opening and product management, and sales-oriented campaign management.
  • We determine your target audience and increase product / audience interaction with appropriate methods and enable you to acquire new customers.
  • We enable you to reach potential customers by analyzing their needs and purchasing trends by providing accurate analysis for your products in the global marketplace
  • We strengthen the relationship between seller and customer with the right campaign management for your products and effective marketing techniques for your target audience.
  • We offer solutions for your overseas warehouse needs and facilitate your overseas company setup processes with our expert team.
  • With detailed reporting, we transparently present the path we have traveled in e-commerce in local marketplaces and the way we have traveled in e-export in global marketplaces.
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