We can say that data is first and foremost in the digital world… Analytics data is among the most important of these data. Thanks to Analytics services, you can obtain a lot of useful data such as who found your website from where, how long they’ve spent on which page, and at what point they’ve left the site. Thus, it is possible to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website based on this data. With our team of experts in the field of Analytics, we would like to help you reach your goals, address your weak points, and reach the top.


If you are doing e-commerce, with the help of Analytics, you can determine where you need to make corrections or changes on your website in order to make sales. You can see what's working and what's not from the user interface to the user experience and the content on your website. However, to interpret Analytics data and turn it into an advantage, it is necessary to consider many details for sure. At this point, we provide services at many points from conversion rate optimization to segment management, from Google Analytics consultancy to website visitor analysis.


In order to effectively utilize Analytics data and achieve maximum efficiency, it is necessary to know how this data should be interpreted, for example, to be able to create an action plan considering fluctuations in website traffic or changes in visitor behavior. In addition, it is of great importance to be able to install and use digital tools and services in the field of Analytics. By supporting you at the point of processing and putting your data into action, we enable you to eliminate all kinds of deficiencies in your website and determine what you need to do to achieve a concrete result such as selling your presence in the digital world.


According to the sector you are in,  the steps you require to follow certainly vary. At this stage, it’s crucial to perform a comprehensive market analysis. Since an action plan that does not take into account the needs of your industry will be much less likely to succeed, we evaluate the sectoral trends when interpreting Analytics data, compare the performance of your website with your competitors in the same field and determine what you need to do to stand out in your industry.


Conversion Rate Optimization Service (CRO)

No matter how many people your advertisements are shown, we cannot say that they have been fully successful unless they result in sales. In order to convert the traffic you reach into sales, we create an action plan that will optimize your conversion rate by evaluating all kinds of data with our experienced marketing team.

Segment Management

We determine consumer segments based on Analytics data, determine the needs and expectations of users, and create segment profiles by evaluating styles and shopping preferences. Creating marketing strategies based on segments enables us to achieve higher efficiency.

Price by Segmentation

As a result of the segmentation study we do, you have the chance to realize your product pricing based on these data and thus reach your audience more comfortably and quickly.

Internet Analytics Consultancy

We analyze Analytics data for your web pages, evaluate visitor habits, and do the necessary work to make the most efficient and profitable use of Analytics.

Website Visitor Analysis

By analyzing your website visitor habits and behaviors, we prepare an action plan for what we can do to convert your site's traffic into sales.

Google Analytics Consultancy

Our expert team evaluates the data you obtain through Google Analytics which is the most popular Analytics tool on the Internet. We interpret and support you in creating the most beneficial action plan for you.

Google Content Audit Consultancy

We apply the necessary tests to find out which content will provide more returns for your website, and we act to create the ideal website for you.

Baidu Analytics Consultancy

We provide Analytics consultancy with our experienced team in the Chinese market in Baidu, which is one of the most popular brands in China and has the most used browser.

Custom Reporting Service

We prepare detailed reports on the performance of your website, based entirely on data, and take the necessary steps to see what works and what does not, and prepare an action plan.

Adobe Analytics

We offer Adobe Analytics support for companies operating in the global arena, and we carry out the data-based marketing process from beginning to end.

Google Data Studio Setup

Visualization of data sources obtained from Google Analytics and with others we set up Google Data Studio for you, which has many practical functions such as sharing and creating reports based on these data.

GTM Installation

We take the necessary steps to use the Google Tag Manager, where you can manage and change any tags and code you add to your website through a single panel.

Google My Business

We evaluate and interpret the data obtained from Google My Business, which stands out as a highly functional service especially for local searches, within the scope of Analytics, and take action accordingly.

Merchant Center Setup

Google Merchant Center is a tool that processes your store and product information and presents it to your potential customers in Google services. We guide you on how to benefit from the Google Merchant Center, which functions as a bridge between you and your target audience.

Free Market Analysis (Google Market Finder)

You can get detailed information for your company by using the Google Market Finder. We perform a market analysis and propose an action plan for you based on the data we have obtained.

Search Consol

Using the Google Search Console service, we measure the search traffic of your website and optimize your content based on the data we obtain and solve the problems we encounter.

Yandex Metrica Management

We carry out the necessary studies for the efficient use of Yandex. Metrica, a service that performs many critical functions related to Performance Marketing, from monitoring data traffic to detecting visitor behavior.

Adserver Analysis

We analyze your Adserver, which you can define as the server where your ad broadcasts are hosted and produce a detailed report, and we direct you on issues such as whether you need to switch to a different server.

Adserver Service

Adserver Service Provides you with a server called Adserver for your advertisement broadcasts, we provide the necessary environment for reliable and measurable advertisement publication.

E-Mail Analysis

We carry out the necessary analysis and measurements regarding your e-mail marketing efforts and work to bring your e-mails to the right audience.


The digital world is an ocean of sea and it can be difficult to understand what you do right and wrong in this crowd, despite all the tools and data that should make your job easier. If your website, which you think is perfect, does not reach the goals you want, and any changes or corrections you make do not work, you may conclude that you have some deficiencies in interpreting the data. This is also quite normal because Analytics is a field with various subtleties and requires expertise. At this stage, based on our experience, we are ready to guide you, to bring you closer to your goals, and to bring you to perfection. You can fill out the form and send us your questions about everything you want to know.

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