E-Commerce brands should be aware that the quality of traffic on websites makes their work much easier. We help you in the digital world to increase brand profitability and sales. While producing solutions specific to your brand and target audience, we support your products to reach the right people at the right time. With our experience in the field of e-commerce, we understand your wishes correctly, build the strategy your brand needs together, and advance your business with solutions that fit your budget.

It is very important to determine the expectations correctly in the field of e-commerce and to use the appropriate tools for your brand. With our experienced team in this field, we stand by you with solutions that suit your budget and your requests. Customizable e-commerce website design, Magento and similar software services, SEO service, PPC advertising management service, data management service, E-Commerce coupon management, Market Finder, Merchant Center, and E-Commerce consultancy meet the need.
If you set up your e-commerce communication correctly, you can observe that users will be loyal to your brand from the first encounter with you. We help users to easily make purchases by presenting the products they need on time and with the necessary information content. You can increase your sales with a strategy based on efficiency without getting bogged down in unnecessary details. We ensure the growth of your brand in the field of E-Commerce with approaches that mobilize your target audience.
E-Commerce requires many different touches and strategies in the sector. The approaches of a store selling electronic products with a clothing brand may need to be different. We are working to get you one step ahead of your competitors in this regard with the road map that we will design by considering the competitive conditions and market conditions. With our approach that takes user experience into account and cares about purchasing habits and trends, we support our brands to shine in their sectors.
We determine your needs in the field of E-Commerce and help you to increase your sales with the most affordable solutions.
Professional PPC Ad Management Service
We provide a service that directs you to direct purchases and provides effective results with the PPC ad management service charged per click. 
E-Marketplace Management Service (n11, sahibinden.com, gittigidiyor.com, Amazon, etc.) 
We help you to create and manage shops and advertise your products in online marketplaces. 
E-Marketplace Consultancy Service (n11, sahibinden.com, gittigidiyor, amazon, etc.) 
We answer your questions such as what strategy you should use in online marketplaces, how to increase your sales, how to be the right road map with our consultancy service. 
E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service (n11, sahibinden.com, gittigidiyor, amazon, etc.) 
With PPC ads charged per click in online marketplaces. We determine the most suitable communication strategies for your budget and increase your sales. 
E-Commerce SEO Service 
We help you catch your target audience with our SEO service, which is one of the most important ways to meet your brand with those who are looking for your products.
E-Commerce Software Service
We provide E-Commerce software services to increase your online sales and meet your needs with the most up-to-date technologies.
Magento Software Service
We develop your platform with Magento software to take your online sales to the next level.
OS Commerce Software Development
With OS Commerce, we help you create an open-source E-Commerce platform with the features you want.
E-Commerce Coupon Management 
With our E-Commerce Coupon Management service, we support you to increase the opportunities your E-Commerce site offers to its customers.
E-Commerce Web Application Development
We help you with our E-Commerce web application development service to increase your online sales. 
E-Marketplace SEO Service (n11, sahibinden.com, gittigidiyor, amazon, etc.) 
We provide SEO services so that your products in online marketplaces appear at the top of the search results and easily meet your target audience. 
Google Ads Shopping Advertising Service (Merchant center setup)
We set up Merchant Center to better reflect the power of Google to your sales.
Merchant Center
We help you use Google Shopping and other Google services by uploading your store and product information to Google Merchant Center.
Market Finder 
We enable you to discover and reach your real target audience by using the Google Market Finder for your international sales. 
E-Commerce Retargeting Advertising Service 
We provide services to your potential customers who are interested in your products but have not made a purchase, to turn the attention into sales by offering the most accurate ads.
E-Commerce Site Data Management Service
To better understand your potential customers and their behavior We use data management and combine the correct segmentation with the right service.
Competition in the field of e-commerce is very wide and every day new brands are joining the sector. In this process, those who do not have the right strategy are slowly losing power. As Digital Exchange, we are working to get you stronger day by day with our experienced team and world-class E-Commerce tools. If you want to get more information about E-Commerce, you can ask us anything you are curious about by filling out our form.
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