VKontakte (VK) known for having many similarities with Facebook both visually and qualitatively, is the most frequently used social media platform in countries such as Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.


VKontakte (VK)


Established by Pavel Durov in 2006, the platform was established for the communication of students in higher education institutions with each other, but it became widespread in a short time and reached 140 million users in 6 years. The platform is being used with great interest by the Turks, with the addition of the Turkish language option.




The countries where the platform is increasing its popularity day by day;


Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, Azerbaijan, United States, India, Germany, Uzbekistan and Turkey


VK, also known as Russia's Facebook, is an area where fake user accounts are almost absent, as it waits for the user to confirm the mobile phone number in order to activate the account. As a social networking site, you can reach your friends as well as share photos, videos, messages, and unlike Facebook, it also has a feature that allows you to listen to music.




Another feature of VK that is not available on other social media platforms is the ability to listen to uninterrupted MP3 music, which is not affected by the exchange between pages. In this way, you can chat with your friends and listen to your personal playlist consisting of the music you have uploaded.

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