If you're investing in pay per click (PPC) advertising, you want the best. Our consulting services include specific strategies for Google Ads, remarketing and Microsoft Advertising. Also, you maintain full ownership of your PPC accounts.

With our experienced team, we offer a turnkey approach to PPC that makes it easy and effortless for your company to advertise on Google, Bing and more.

PPC Consulting Service

What does PPC consulting services include?

Deep Business Analysis

When you use our PPC Advertising Consultancy Service, you get a paid search consultant for you. We take an in-depth look at your current PPC strategy as well as your goals and wishes for future PPC campaigns. Your consultant will also research your business, industry, competitors, and products or services.

Your dedicated PPC consultant provides you with a consistent point of contact, and as a result, having a reliable PPC consultant saves you time and money.

Google, Bing and YouTube Ads

With our experienced team as your PPC marketing consultant, your business can advertise on some of the most popular channels for consumers today. Whether you want to promote your company or your products on Google, Bing or YouTube, it is possible with our service.

Your dedicated PPC consultant can also create a remarketing campaign for your business on Google. With a remarketing campaign, your company can target users who have visited your website before. This advertising tactic gives you one more chance to convert these leads.

PPC Consulting Service

Strategic Proposal Management

Even if your business sets aside a certain ad spend each month, our PPC consultants try to make the most of your budget. That's why our PPC consulting services come with strategic bid management.

With strategic proposal management, your consultant optimizes the offers in your campaign. A competitive yet cost-effective offering can help your company get more clicks and conversions from your ads. For your business, this provides a significant return on investment (ROI).

Ad Text Writing and Test

For many companies, pay-per-click consulting saves your internal marketing team time. You don't have to worry about developing campaigns, writing ad copy or optimizing your ads. Instead, your PPC consultant takes care of everything.

It saves your internal marketing team time while your PPC consultant takes care of everything.

As part of our consulting services, we also include ad copywriting and text testing.

Based on in-depth research of your business, competitors and products, your consultant develops engaging ad copy. Then, it tests this text and updates it to increase clicks and conversions.

Keyword Targeting

Although your PPC consultant can target a large number of keywords, they focus on the keywords that are most valuable to your business. We continually divide our efforts into keywords that drive sales, leads and more. This approach helps your business make the most of your ad spend.

PPC Consulting Service

Monthly Reporting

Whichever service tier you choose, your paid search consultant will meet with you and your team each month via a phone or web conference to review the performance of your campaign. For an additional monthly fee, your consultant can meet with your team weekly. When you check in with your advisor, they provide a comprehensive report to your business.

They can also customize this report according to your company's preferences, highlighting the data your business and its decision makers want to examine. You can also access, view, and share this report outside of your meeting. This approach will help your team It makes it fast, simple and easy to share campaign updates with corporate decision makers and review the overall performance of your ad campaign.


If your company wants a positive and effective experience, you need a PPC consultant who adapts their approach to your business. For example, our PPC consultants consider your level of experience, goals, industry and more to create an easy to understand yet competitive strategy for your business. This level of personalization can have a huge impact on your experience. You will feel comfortable with your mentor who encourages your team to ask questions and expand your PPC knowledge.

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