With word targeting advertising service, you can reach audiences that you could not target before.

With this feature, you can determine the words your ads will be published on, and publish your ads on the URLs in which these words are included. At the same time, you can convert page visitors to your potential customers by broadcasting advertisements on page content.

With the word targeted ad service, you can target users who have not visited your website before. With this feature, you can show ads to audiences that can turn into potential customers that you could not target before.



Since the word targeting advertising service offers users the product they are interested in, the returns are higher than other targeting models, and thanks to this feature, you can target the URLs in which the words you specify and present your ads to the page visitors.

You can enter your targeted words into the system one by one or for practical reasons, you can add collective words (in .txt, .xls, .xslx formats). This way, you can target multiple words all at once.

In addition, if you have a campaign published on Google, you can pull the Google word list from your panel and add it to the system. You can block your ad delivery on pages (URL) that contain unwanted words. For example; violence, terror, sexuality etc.

In this way, you can catch the users searching for the keywords you enter on the basis of URLs and when they are online on different sites. On the other hand, you can increase your sales by advertising on the page where the product is related to the product or service the user is looking for.

The word-targeted advertising service provides access to audiences that you could not target before, so you can keep the number of people you can reach at the maximum level.

With this advertising service, visitors are shown ads on the subject they need or are interested in and convert your clicks into sales.


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