Shopping Feed and Coupon Management Services

If you want to expand the products offered by your e-commerce website to your customers, with our experienced team; We offer coupon management integration with custom shopping feeds, including analysis and ongoing account management. We also help you further optimize and streamline your e-commerce platform.

Effective Coupon Management Services

If a promotion or coupon is convincing enough, many customers will want to buy from a new or competing brand. With E-Commerce Coupon Management, it allows your website to target those online customers who are looking for the right products and deals.

Our experienced team will optimize your website, digital product feeds, coupons or special offers, pushing more customers to click the "buy" button.

No matter how important your products are, it's also important to understand the power of coupon management programs. Offer customers only 5% discount or certain Triggering special offers for customers making transactions can help increase your conversion rates. Simple additions to your pages, such as coupon feeds, benefit you as an e-commerce website 

E-Ticaret Kupon Yönetimi

Too Much Product, Too Little Time

Creating and coding shopping posts is not a simple feat. Whether your site offers five products or 5,000, making sure these products are appropriately categorized in a detailed and searchable shopping feed provides huge potential benefits for any ecommerce site, regardless of size

Analyzes and Optimizes Your Entries

If you have an existing shopping feed, our experienced team will check, analyze and optimize it. While there are no publications available, our e-commerce experts have the ability to gather information, create lists and categorize products in almost every industry.

After your product feed is created and optimized, your dedicated account representative will send the feed to search engines according to your plan. Your product listing ads management representative will ensure that the feed is accepted and displayed properly on all sites.

E-Ticaret Kupon Yönetimi

Comparison Shopping Engine Management

Our experienced team will also ensure that your product listing feed is displayed for comparison shoppers on Google or other search engines. We work by optimizing each list to be complete and give you a competitive edge.

Because we know the importance of highlighting your listing, our comparison shopping management team does it for you, making you look better than others.

How Online Coupons Can Grow Your Business

Whether coupons are new or long-lasting, they can greatly affect the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. With exclusive deals, coupon management and promotions, you can increase the number of potential customers converting from your online marketing efforts.

We are promoting your exclusive coupon with a dedicated account representative. This promotion aims to increase the traffic of potential customers to your business by using coupon management programs. and often attracts the attention of first-time customers who may not be aware of your brand. Discovering a new coupon for existing customers, whether through social media or coupon feeds, will push them to shop again on your site.


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