AI-based E-commerce Marketing Automation

Synerise, küçük ve kurumsal düzeydeki işletmeler için pazarlama-otomasyon yazılımı konusunda uzmanlaşmış bir yazılım şirketidir. Çok sayıda gelişmiş pazarlama otomasyonu özelliği sunmaktadır. Tüm bunların yanı sıra başta büyük veri ve yapay zeka olmak üzere yeni teknolojilere de yatırım yapan bir platformdur.

Synerise is a software company in marketing-automation software for small and enterprise development. Lots of advanced hardware features. It is a platform that invests in new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence as well as all over the place.


It should be noted that Synerise has a good track record and length of marketing use, along with good field marks for marketing systems.


What Features Does Synerise Offer?


Synerise offers advanced marketing features such as forms, contact information, contact management, and company information, management, support team, report boards, free.


Also, Synology can come with an automated trading robot with the appearance or special facilities of expert advisors around the world. The platform is a targeted world leader and they offer its offerings of improving its time advantages, growing and maintaining the audience.

What Can Synerise Do for Your Business?


Great marketing services for Synerise data processing, sales process process and advanced personalization personalization.


Helps integrate, analyze and target any number of marketing channels for involvement in offline projects

Customers can segment access routes and generate usage estimates

Optimizes lead generation

Creates modern and personalized content


Synerise has huge customer databases and will have a large budget yet to be large enough to reach their full potential. Small functions such as smart scanner can also be on small systems.


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