Insider is a software platform developed for personalized cross-channel customer experiences that provides tools to increase sales dec e-commerce sites.


Insider dec data across channels, predicts future behavior with AI, and personalizes user experiences from a single platform in the fastest time possible.


ınsiderdanışmanlıkhizmetiWhat Can You Do with Insider?

It allows you to make the right personalization and give the right message, which will segment users in real time on a behavioral basis and direct them to sales while the user is shopping.

Unlike other companies, it is progressing in the form of a system that works without placing any IT burden on the website while providing the service and allows you to apply A/B testing for each new personalization.

Insider has adopted the understanding of providing quality service to its customers with long-term relationships and offers a perfect service with a policy of aiming to work result-oriented.

It optimizes conversion rates.

It enables brands to perform advanced segmentation and auto-optimization with predictive marketing technologies. 


How does Insider Personalize the Customer Experience?


Thanks to the machine learning algorithm, the tendency of a user visiting your website to purchase a product within 7 days is calculated. Based on the behavior of each visitor on the site over the past 30 days, it get a new purchase trend score for each day.

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