Programmatic can be defined as a marketing method in which digital advertising purchase-sale, display and targeting processes are carried out automatically by a computer based on data. With the developing technology, many processes that were previously required to be carried out by marketing experts are now carried out by software specially prepared for this job. Programmatic Advertising, which shortens the distance between advertisers and publishers, adds speed and efficiency to your marketing campaign. While the budget allocated by companies for Programmatic use increases with each passing year, digital advertising has started to cover a very large part of their budget. We are ready to manage all kinds of Programmatic Advertising work with our experienced and expert team in the field of Programmatic and to go on this exciting journey with you.


In the field of Digital Marketing, measurable models based on solid data are increasingly in demand. RTB i.e. Real Time Bidding in Programmatic Advertising operation stands out. When the user enters a page, a virtual auction for the ad space takes place within milliseconds and the selected ad is shown to the most suitable people. In the pre-determined advertising space, Programmatic, an effective, measurable and adaptable model, has replaced traditional advertising models, which are carried out without any changes in targeting, in return for a strict budget. If you want to make a breakthrough in programmatic but don't know where to start, we are here!


In digital marketing, efficiency is everything. Programmatic is a method that aims to reach maximum efficiency by processing the data obtained with the help of technology. By analyzing data in milliseconds and selecting the ideal potential buyer, it makes media buying faster and more practical. It is possible to say that by determining the audience that digital ads reach, it aims to reduce the risk taken and to reveal advertisements that will turn into sales. We want to ensure that the right people see your ads by analyzing the past movements and habits of potential customers. Thus, your advertising broadcasts will become much more efficient and you will be able to transparently track where your budget is going.


Programmatic Advertising also tracks sectoral trends with its operation based on data and visitor behavior. It increases the rate of conversion of your publications into sales by ensuring that your advertisements are shown to visitors about the products and services of your industry. In order to stand out in your sector in the field of digital marketing and to stand out from your peers, you must keep up with the marketing processes automated with developing technology such as Programmatic Advertising. Using Programmatic Advertising, which turns the complexity of the digital world into an advantage and makes use of visitor behavior and all kinds of measurable and reportable data, according to your industry we help.


Artificial Intelligence Focused Recommendation Engine

We bring your products to the real buyer with an artificial intelligence-focused recommendation engine based on an algorithm that works according to visitor behavior.

Personal Product Recommendation

Instead of showing the advertisement of your product or service to everyone, we bring the right person to the right product with personalized targeting, and we bring the success rate to the top.

Competitor Location Targeting Service

We take location targeting ads one step further, reaching a larger portion of your target audience with advertisements based on your competitors' positions, turning the competition into an advantage for you.


We offer you support in Programmatic Advertising with Theadx, which makes it easy to create the campaigns you want and track performance with its numerous targeting options and advertising models.


Programmatic manages data using tools called Data Management Platform (DMP) and collects data from different digital sources has a technology that can analyze all kinds of sales by combining. Rather than a fixed view / click fee, a fee is charged depending on the person the ad is viewed on, and the advertiser can analyze the data with a detailed report and take action accordingly in subsequent campaigns. Although Programmatic Advertising seems to reduce the human touch in the media buying process, the role of marketing experts who can analyze data correctly is still enormous. We can say that it is the point where advancing technology and humane solutions come together. If you want to make a breakthrough in Programmatic Advertising, you can ask us anything you are curious about by filling out our form.


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