E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service

With our experienced team for your brand, we offer a dedicated and data-oriented service that increases your sales, revenue and market dominance and reduces your Advertising Cost of Selling (ACoS).

Increase your e-commerce sales with E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service

Competing on the e-Marketplace requires more than both a search engine optimization (SEO) strategy and a competitive pay-per-click (PPC) campaign.

Our experienced team can help you maximize your earnings with the E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service.

E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service

What Does Our Service Include?

Keyword Research

First of all we search for high-value keywords for each of your products. When choosing keywords, we look at several factors including search volume, competition, and cost per click (CPC).

Automatic and Manual Campaign Management

Our E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service includes automatic and manual campaign management to deliver the best results. By focusing on each region, our team can optimize your ad campaigns and bids, which maximizes your return on investment (ROI) and reduces your ACoS.

Competition analysis

We investigate your competitors every three months and analyze their product listings and advertisements to identify new ways to promote your products and improve your existing PPC campaign. Our proactive approach enhances our keyword research. It also allows our team to identify the best opportunities for your ad copy. This results in more sales for you and less sales for your competitors.

Monthly Reporting

We understand the importance of data, so our E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service also includes monthly reporting. Our experienced team receives in-depth information about your company and the performance of your advertising campaign. This feature allows your team to see how our data-driven strategies are not only increasing your sales, but reducing your ACoS.

E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service

Subscribe and Save Suggestions

Our E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service further increases your sales by offering product recommendations for Subscribe and Save. With routine orders from Subscribe and Save, you create a recurring revenue stream that you can reinvest in your PPC campaign.

Lighting Deals, Coupon and Promotion Management

Our e-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service also includes promotions and coupons. With our experienced team managing your promotions, your business can benefit from high-traffic shopping days.

How does our E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service help for your business?

Our e-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service is perfect for companies looking to reduce their ACoS as well as increase their sales, revenue and market dominance. If you use our service, our experienced team will obtain the following market advantages for your business:

Advanced AI and Reporting Technology

With our E-Marketplace PPC Advertising Service, we provide your business with in-depth and actionable information about your PPC campaigns. This results in the latest campaigns that maximize your revenue.

Custom PPC Strategies

In digital marketing and advertising, "cookie cutter" strategies do not prevent this. Our experienced team will customize your campaign according to your company, products and goals. In addition, we take the time to learn about your business to maximize the results of your campaign.

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