SEO Optimized Copywriting Services

Why is website copywriting important? 


  • Visitors to your website often come from searches or a website linked to yours. About 80 percent of users admit that they use a search engine like Google when searching for a new product. If your website wants to appear in those related searches, what you need is content optimized not only for search but also for readers.
  • While your company can optimize your existing content for search, it is not enough for Google and other search engines. Since the aim of search engines is to provide users with the best possible content, if you do not provide useful and informative content to your users, it means that your website may not be on the first page of search results.
  • Online content is everything to consumers. They answer their questions, provide their next purchase suggestions, and details about the product or service they have chosen. Your customers without an informative text It is very difficult to convince them that you are the best option.
  • While Google relies on browsers to discover and index web pages on the Internet, it also uses search quality evaluators. They frequently visit and rate websites by evaluating their content. A low note can hurt your website's ranking in search results. For this reason, it is important to create a high-quality text for your site.
  • Compared to traditional marketing, content marketing generates three times more customers. While this is a huge difference, 70 percent of consumers who prefer to learn about businesses are attracted by articles, not ads. For companies with limited time, content marketing, and website copywriting services help your business start and maintain their content strategy.


SEO Compatible Copywriting Service

  • In order to ensure that your content is ranked at the top of search results, we offer you our copywriting service, which includes search engine optimization known as SEO. Whatever content your company needs, we provide the text you want for your website with our experienced team and deliver the results.

  • Our SEO Compatible Copywriting Service connects your business to your target audience and persuades them to buy your product, contact your company or visit your store. For texts that resonate with readers and rank at the top of search results, you can take advantage of our SEO Compatible Copywriting Service.

 Keyword Research


As part of our SEO Compatible Copywriting Service, our experienced team; Searches for relevant and valuable keywords for your target audience for your industry, products, or services. As a result of our research and analysis with our team, we produce strong content for your website that is worth sharing.


SEO Compatible Copywriting Services


  • By using our SEO compatible copywriting services, you can turn your website into a resource that can be used by industry experts as well as your target audience. Our experienced team focuses on producing original articles and blog posts for your website. For maximum results, our team will optimize your content not only for readers but also for search engines.

  • With our SEO website sales and technical copywriting services; You can maximize the performance and persuasiveness of your website in search results and reach the sales targeted by your brand.

  • With our SEO e-commerce copywriting services; You can increase your competitiveness in the online market. Our service aims to develop search and reader-friendly product descriptions that entice customers to bring your product home.

  • With our SEO Long Form Copywriting Services; You can reach your target audience and increase your online visibility.

  • Online marketing with our copywriting services; Speed ​​up your lead generation efforts as well as support your digital marketing strategy. This suite of services focuses on producing and supporting in-depth guides that your business can use to generate and nurture leads, such as providing guides as an email sign-up incentive.

  • With our content refresh copywriting service; You can prevent lost rankings, traffic, and revenue from outdated content. With this service, SEO focuses on adding user-friendly content and design elements to regain rankings, traffic, and more. By using content refresh services, you can continue to generate both results and revenue with your content.

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