E-Marketplace Consulting Services

With our E-Marketplace Consulting Service, we offer data-supported strategies to your business to accelerate your sales and income and increase your dominance in the market. Get ready to take your company to the next level with our service.


E-Pazaryeri Danışmanlık Hizmeti


Increase Your Revenue with E-Marketplace Consultancy Service


E-Marketplaces are now like a shopping mall. Half of the consumers start looking for a new product in the e-marketplace. The popularity of these brands among businesses as well as shoppers in e-marketplaces such as N11, sahibinden.com, gittigidiyor.com, amazon, requires your company to have a competitive marketing strategy. For this reason, you can benefit from our E-Marketplace Consultancy Service. Included in our service:


SEO Consulting 


Become a leader not only in the e-marketplace, but also in the industry with our consultancy services for SEO. SEO Consulting allows you to grow your business by generating more product sales and profit for your company.


As part of your consultancy, our team researches your competitors and their strategies. It also performs an in-depth audit of your store and product listings and discovers opportunities that can help your business increase online visibility in the e-marketplace.


PPC Consulting


With our consulting services for PPC, your company can achieve its goals. When you partner with our experienced team, our team will delve into your advertising strategy and competitors.


Our team analyzes all types of ads that your business can use in the e-marketplace. These; 

  • Sponsored Product Ads 
  • Sponsored Brands
  • Display Product Ads 

After completing our market analysis and in-depth audit, we create a recommendation report. This report contains actionable recommendations to increase your sales and profits.


E-Pazaryeri Danışmanlık Hizmeti


Product Optimization Consultancy


We also analyze product listing features such as targeted keywords. By using the service we offer for product optimization, you can improve your product listings in shoppers' search results.


We also analyze various characteristics of each of your product listings, including: 

  • Target keywords
  • Product title 
  • Product Description 
  • Product images

Our experienced team is discovering new opportunities for your company. We detail these opportunities in our recommendation report and confirm their values ​​with concrete data.


Store Consultancy 


Accelerate your impact on the e-marketplace from increasing your sales to increasing brand awareness with our data-driven Store Consultancy services. 


We analyze various areas of your e-Marketplace Store, including: 

  • Product lists 
  • Store design
  • Store brand 

In coordination with our audit of your store, our team also investigates the front of your competitors. After our in-depth reviews, our team can develop a number of recommended and data-driven improvements.


Content Consulting


You can optimize your Enhanced Brand Content and Enhanced Marketing Content with our consulting services for product content. With content developed for your product listings, you can reach the target customer and convert them.


Our advisory services for content focus on:

  • Analyzing your competitors 
  • Auditing your product listings 
  • Investigating your target customer 
  • Evaluating your keyword strategy 

With our e-Marketplace Consulting Service and our experienced team, we can make a list of actionable suggestions to develop your enhanced brand content and advanced marketing content. This way, your business can increase product sales and maximize profits.

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