Search engines have become the showcase for trade today. It is very important to be in the best position in this showcase to stand out in your industry. As Digital Exchange, with our experienced team, we increase the performance of websites in search engines with SEO, one of the most common digital marketing methods. By using both organic and advertising tools, we create the most appropriate strategy for our brands to rank high in search engines.


We provide SEO services by using many different products from voice search optimization to corporate SEO. Thanks to the instantly measurable and changeable feature of this service, we can intervene in campaigns immediately and catch potential customers. We evaluate users' searches correctly and achieve success with our keyword and targeting efforts.


Efficiency in SEO fields is not only dependent on knowledge and experience, but also in fast interventions. It also depends on the ability to be found. With our competence in this field, we achieve the targeted success more efficiently. You can be by your side with research, planning and reporting steps, while at the same time you can reduce your costs with us and bring more efficient advertisements to life with us.


SEO Service

This is actually a general issue, we have already mentioned at the top. Maybe a general summary can be made again. But don't be too repetitive with others.

Corporate SEO Service

Most corporate companies spend thousands of lira per month for SEO services. In these competitive conditions, you need to use customized SEO services for corporate companies to reach your goals and get ahead of your competitors.

SEO Service for Small Business

We provide SEO services for small businesses to stand out in the industry. With this service, which we have built with the right strategy for your brand, you can make your target audience heard with appropriate budgets and take your business to an advanced level.

E-Commerce SEO Service

SEO service It is one of the most efficient ways to increase online sales. We help you stand out in search results to increase your sales, while also supporting you with your brand awareness.

Local SEO Service

With the local SEO service, we help your potential customers in your region find you, and we strive to be the first brand that comes to mind in your field. We know the importance of building a local strategy in SEO service.

Web Design Service

With SEO we design your website, which is the face of your brand, in accordance with SEO, and make it stand out in search engines. In today's world, most of the users meet your brand through your website. For this reason, we help you develop your business and reach your goals with our SEO web design service.

SEO Compatible Copywriting

We provide SEO compatible copywriting services so that you can stand out in search results, increase your sales and reach your products easily for your potential consumers. Blog we produce special content by using the right keywords in every subject, from articles to product features.

 Search Engine Marketing Service

With search engine marketing services such as SEO and PPC, we increase your efficiency in digital advertising and enable you to reach your target audience. We offer a completely transparent and measurable service to grow your brand and increase your profitability.

Performance-Based SEO Service

If you want to advertise targetedly at more affordable prices, we recommend performance-based SEO service. We serve with our experienced team to ensure that the ads created with cost per click meet your performance expectations.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice searches are probably more preferred than you think. According to research, 50% of the calls on the internet will be made voice in 2021. While the digital world is moving in this direction, we ensure that you get quality traffic to your website with our voice search optimization service.

 E-Marketplace SEO Service

We support you with our e-marketplace SEO service so that your brand is the first choice of consumers. By making your products more accessible, we increase your sales, and we support you to rank first in search results with the right keywords.

 IOS / App Store Search Optimization


We provide search optimization services so that your applications can be found and downloaded more easily in the App Store in an organic way. While more than half of the applications are downloaded after searching the Store, you can put your brand in front of your competitors by using this service.


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