A fast website is a must for first page rankings. When your website slows down, you can get advice on how to make your site faster with our SEO checker.

URL Optimization Control

A URL affects how search engines and users view your website. Our SEO checker evaluates the format, length and optimization of your URL for you.


SEO Check Tool results for URL optimization:

Meta Tag Assessment

Your Meta tags can degrade or break a page's performance. You can measure whether a page's meta tags miss the mark with our SEO audit tool.

Content Note

Content is a key element in SEO, and this makes user and search engine friendly content very important. With your SEO score, you can get actionable information about the length, format and optimization of your content.

Image Optimization

You can stand out with optimized images. You can check if your images need alt tags, SEO friendly filenames and more.

Code Analysis

The backend of your site is as important as the front end. Your website is fully optimized for SEO. You can find out with our SEO report.

Page Link Audit

Gaining backlinks for content is one of SEO's biggest challenges. With our SEO Checker and backlink checker, you can see where your page content stops within 15 seconds.

Domain Name

Your domain or website URL is a critical component. Our SEO checker does a deep analysis for you by looking at your domain length and more. 

Mobile Friendly Control 

Since more than 50% of the world's internet traffic comes from mobile devices, our SEO Control Tool checks and tests whether your website is mobile-friendly.

Social Media Control

Social media can cause your content to go viral if you let it. It checks for the existence of social sharing buttons so that you know where you are with our SEO report.



If you want to drive more traffic to your website and generate more revenue for your business, you can reveal the weak points in your SEO strategy and discover the pros with our SEO reporting tool.

Include the URL of the page you want to audit or the URL of the pages you want to compare

Why does your SEO strategy need to be audited?

In today's competitive online market, it's critical to oversee your SEO strategy and an SEO checker will make the process smooth.

Allowing you to optimize your website and online content to reach your target audience, SEO focuses on making your website easier for search engines like Google or Bing to read. It also emphasizes creating original and valuable content for your target audience.

When you follow these steps, your pages will rank high in search engines.

However, without SEO, it is difficult to connect with your ideal client and your target audience when will not available online, this leads to various setbacks, including:

 • Decreasing the number of your site visitors

• Reducing your conversion count

• Decreasing your brand awareness among target audiences

In short, it disadvantages your business and gives your competitors an advantage. With a detailed analysis with our SEO Check Tool, you can refresh your SEO strategy to get your website to the top of search engine results pages. As a result, your website grabs the attention of users.

What Does an SEO Checkup Tool Include?

The SEO audit tool includes:

1. Keyword optimization

2.Backlink building

3.Image optimization

4. Page speed optimization

Our check tool evaluates these factors. It looks at your URL and website speed, as well as your page's title, description and title tags to help rank for the keywords you entered and make sure they are optimized.

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