As the Digital Exchange creative team, we always pursue innovations, firsts, dynamism and dreams while building unique and extraordinary worlds of brands. We believe that strong stories that create brands are possible with designs that accurately tell them and inspire their consumers. We follow global trends and reveal the modern aspects of expressing your brand in the digital world in the most accurate way. We grow together in a short time with creative works towards your goals in the increasingly competitive conditions.




We stand out with our works such as website, landing page, HTML5, infographic, e-mailing, business blog with our designs for social media channels created by our experienced team and we pursue perfect user experience with our UX / UI team. In line with the creative strategies we produce for brands, we grow your business with remarkable designs suitable for the target audience. Paying attention to details, proactive We determine your needs precisely with our structure, and we enable you to develop your brand with our works. 




In the digitalizing world, the first encounter of brands with consumers is through websites. Almost 95% of users say they get their first impression of brands from websites. For this reason, the importance of creative design stands out in order to increase productivity. In addition, the sales-oriented advertising campaigns of the brands, their presence in social media and other digital designs are also considered as other ways to make high profits at affordable costs by targeting them correctly. We see it as our priority to increase the efficiency of our brands with creative works in this direction. 




Website Design


We design your website, which is the face of your brand in the digital world, in accordance with your needs. We follow the latest technologies in the world and include new features that will improve your business on your website.


Website Refresh


Your website We aim to increase your profitability by making the necessary changes quickly to gain more traffic and get more leads in line with your goals without completely changing it. We know that small changes detected correctly can make a big difference.


Website Planning


Our first priority when planning your website design is to develop your business. To do this, we use research, goal setting, insight and idea generation methods.


Increasing Website Usability


We are in a period when it is not easy to achieve visibility in the digital world. In this process, we increase the usability of your website so that you can get ahead of your competitors and empower you in sectoral competition. 


Responsive Web Site 


The use of tablets and mobile devices is increasing day by day. More than half of website traffic comes from smartphones. For this reason, if you wish, we prepare your websites compatible with mobile and tablet and catch every user. 


Landing Page Design 


We are designing compact landing pages with specific contents for a product, the promotion of your project or any subject that concerns your brand. 


HTML5 Design


We follow the developments in technology closely, if you wish, we produce products in the wide world of HTML5. We rely on our HTML5 skills in every field from banners to website design.


Business Blog Design 


We make blog designs that are both informative and sales-oriented, which are compatible with the unique structure of the businesses, take into account the user experiences of the target audiences. 


Social Media Design 


We take place in social media channels with dynamic, impressive and original designs. We reach your target audience by working in a structure that is compatible with constantly changing and renewed trends. 


Infographic Design 


We produce informative works for your target audience with infographic designs that provide the content in a clear and understandable design language and fully meet the needs. 


E-mailing Design


Most Important With our e-mailing designs, which is one of the marketing methods, we are producing high-creative works that capture the target audience.


Accessible Web Site Design for the Disabled 


We attach great importance to observing the wishes and needs of the target audience in user experience. We make “barrier-free website” designs that disabled people can use easily. 


Instagram Story Design 


We produce dynamic story designs that bring movement to Instagram accounts and attract the most attention of users.


Fast Web Design


Sometimes time is everything, even hours can affect the success of a business. We design a website quickly without compromising the right design structures in line with the needs of our customers.


Website User Experience Analysis


Does your website offer users the right experience? Do they go through the pages you want them to spend a long time looking for, or can they easily find what they are looking for? Analyzes the whole user experience, makes the necessary changes we identify and present them with suggestions.






We know that the creative needs of every sector, from construction to education, from finance to decoration, are unique. By creating differences in many areas from the design language used to colors, we ensure that our brand stands out within its own sector, and at the same time we adhere to global rules. We work with all our strength to be one step ahead by producing creative and innovative works within the lines accepted by the world.




We made an innovative Instagram Story study for Barut Hotels, whose main target audience is abroad, that we were inspired by global design trends. By combining the static visual and the hotel video, we both evoked the feeling of dominance of the hotel and made the users feel the atmosphere with the sound of the sea in the background. We provided traffic to the website with the swipe up feature. Thus, according to the measurements in international standards, the interaction rate, conversion rate and perceived quality ranking we reached the results.




Visibility decreases as channels increase in the digital world; brand messages are in danger of getting lost in the pile. Correct and creative designs with appropriate targeting become the first condition of existence in this world. If you want to start a journey full of success, we are waiting for you. You can fill out the form to express your opinion on any matter you have in mind.

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