Email marketing still stands out as one of the most effective marketing methods in the digital world. Almost everyone with Internet access uses e-mail extensively, but everyday people encounter a large number of e-mails that are uninteresting. However, each e-mail has a certain target audience to reach. We are also aware of the importance of targeting in email marketing. After a comprehensive study on your target audience, we determine the content and visual language of mailing based on targeting. We work to reach the targeted traffic or sales rate for your web page with clear, purposeful, but creative and visually impressive mailing works, and we direct you to take the right steps in e-mail marketing. 




Today, data is of great importance in e-mail marketing, as in many marketing types. Email marketing, thanks to data obtained through various digital tools It stands out as it is measurable and optimizable and is also very suitable for taking targeted actions based on this. In addition, e-mail marketing can also be supported by marketing automation tools that are growing and gaining importance. While planning the e-mail marketing activities of your brand, we emphasize elements such as accurate targeting, measurability and efficiency, and we strive to take the steps that will make you successful.



Is your goal for e-mail marketing to achieve a certain sales rate? Or do you want to increase the traffic of a page on your website? Is it more important for you to increase brand recognition or introduce your creative work to people? Definitions of efficiency will of course depend on the target set. Whatever your answers to these questions, efficiency is very important to us when creating your e-mail marketing strategy. Instead of rowing wasted, we want to make you successful with targeted, point-to-shoot exercises. Our experienced team manages the process by considering all the subtleties and technological developments of email marketing. 



As in all areas of digital marketing, the industry has a very determining effect in e-mail marketing. From the identification of the target audience to the language and technical details to be used in mailing, the requirements of each sector differ to a certain extent. In our work on e-mail marketing, we take into account the sectoral codes and habits, we complete our research and determine how the brands I represent should stand out among their competitors in the sector. 




E-Mail Marketing Service


We plan and manage all kinds of work for your brand, including the e-mail marketing area, together with our expert team.


E-Mail Template Gallery

It offers you a rich template gallery for mailing works to be prepared, so you can choose the right one among hundreds of templates. we guide you. 

E-Mail Custom Design Service 

We prepare modern and eye-catching e-mail designs specific to your brand for all your work in the field of e-mail marketing, and manage your creative process. 

E-mail Marketing to Segmented Customers 

We manage the process of segmenting your customer base and making the deliveries accordingly, with the support of digital tools, so that the right e-mails can find the right people.

Address Finder

We help you to carry your communication with your target audience to the real world by determining the postal addresses of your customers whose e-mail addresses you have, by making use of special digital tools.

Sectoral E-Mail Marketing 

We produce solutions specific to your industry in the field of e-mail marketing, identify the steps you need to follow to differentiate from your competitors and direct you.

E-Mail Analysis

Provides you with detailed analysis of your e-mails for marketing purposes, from the traffic reached by the links to the sales rate We prepare detailed reports by obtaining and evaluating all kinds of data. 


Considering that almost everyone sends at least one e-mail a day, we can of course say that e-mail marketing has disadvantages as well as advantages. On the one hand, it is a practical digital communication method that is in the middle of the lives of so many people, and on the other hand, it is full of inboxes where it is very difficult to separate and stand out ... At this stage, we offer solutions that will separate you from your competitors and bring you closer to your target audience and a team of experts in the field. you need support. You can send us any questions about e-mail marketing by filling out the form.

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