Wildberries Marketplace Consulting Service

You can sell your products on Wildberries, Russia's leading online marketplace. You can sell your products in this marketplace, which receives an average of more than 3 million visitors and more than 500 thousand orders every day.



What Services Does Wildberries Marketplace Offer?

  • Identifying and pricing the products to be listedphoto shoot
  • Sorting, barcoding and packaging of products
  • Preparation of certificates and documents
  • Logistics process of products
  • Establishing sales strategies of products
  • Returns management
  • Sales and performance reporting

What Benefits Does Wildberries Marketplace Offer?

Wildberries offers approximately 5.6 million products from 163,000 international brands to buyers in Turkey.

  • Taking advantage of low cost pricing
  • Opportunity to work with the leading company in the Russian market
  • Opportunity to enter a new and foreign market
  • Getting paid every week
  • The company's activities currently cover 18 countries, which makes it possible to further expand its export capabilities for the sale of goods of Russian and foreign entrepreneurs.


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