Etsy Marketplace Consulting Service

 What Does the Etsy Marketplace Offer?

Etsy was founded in 2005 in America and is known as an e-commerce site where handmade, antique and personalized products are sold. There are products in this market in categories such as jewelry, bags, clothes, home decor products and furniture. The countries where Etsy operates the most, with an active user base of about 45 million, are the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany and France.



Why Choose Etsy Marketplace?

  • Product photos can be resized

  • The product content letter received from the customers is made in accordance with SEO standards

  • It offers translation support for your annotation articles

  • Your product descriptions are entered in accordance with SEO standards

  • Offers keyword-specific support

  • Training is given on the tools used

  • Your Pinterest account can be integrated into your Etsy account

Etsy Manages Your Shipping Processes

  • A road map of the logistics organization is drawn up for the products to be sent

  • At the stage of sending your products directly to the buyer, communication is provided with express shipping companies

  • It provides a storage service in important locations in Europe and America during the shipment stage of your products being stored abroad to the buyer

Etsy Conducts Industry and Category Analysis

  • Comprehensive analysis of the sunday share of the product category on Etsy by country
  • Detailed analysis of the product pricing of your potential competitors
  • Examination of weekly and total sales rates of your potential competitors

Why Should You Get Etsy Marketplace Consulting Service?

With the Etsy marketplace consulting service, you can see the location of your brand's products in foreign online sundays, as well as learn about the importance and use of product images. With the consulting service, you can perform all the settings of your store, from the stage of opening a merchant account to adding products. With thousands of products on this platform, you can get support for your products to come to the forefront thanks to SEO. As for the payment system, you can choose the most suitable payment method for your brand and make agreements on shipping abroad.

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