In this period when e-commerce and digitalization are at the forefront, with the "New Normal", exporters will now be able to sell their goods and services to the customers they will obtain through these channels. Even exporters who have invested in this field with their competent human resources and experience for many years, during the "New Normal", need to reach the Right Customer in the fastest way. Turkey's exporters to ensure the uninterrupted flow of commerce, exporters through digital channels to reach the right customers is our duty. With the products we offer, we evaluate your company in a versatile way and offer effective solutions to all your needs in digital to grow and develop your exports.


Our solutions for uninterrupted export bring you together with your buyers through digital channels. We are expanding your exports with international market research, media planning, examining e-export dynamics, and many other solutions. If you haven't started exporting yet you can start with the smart and guiding export tech tools. With the Customer Matching Platform and many other tools, you can improve your exports in a versatile way. Which countries buy your product most, we analyze all world markets with online market evaluation. You do not need to worry about starting to export anymore, we take your business one step further with useful and effective solutions.


While doing market research, we help you with the technologies you will use when making potential customer matches so that you can start exporting. Thanks to our export technologies consultancy, you can plan all your processes in detail and avoid disruptions when starting to export. On the other hand, we match you with buyers who buy your products from different companies in different markets through digital channels. You use the value of data, data mining to the fullest and you are constantly in front of the Right Customer. In this way, customer data is the most accurate for export it allows you to get started.


We provide service with our expert team to develop your e-export site and mobile application. We develop your website and application where you can sell your products to the world with multi-language and currency, foreign marketplace integrations. We prepare professional applications with modules and advanced themes that you can use globally and we stand by you in the e-export process. Our expert team and products provide services about the technologies you will use in the process of starting and developing e-export. We are expanding your e-export together with online products that are suitable for your needs in market research, web / mobile application development, marketplace integrations, customer matching, cargo processes and many more.


Global Influencer Network and Content Distribution Channel

With the Global Influencer Network and Content Distribution Channel, we deliver your products to different audiences all over the world on social media in the countries you target. With our Global influencer network, we take your social media ads out of simple sharing, and we enable you to experience the influencer marketing process in its best quality with creative and remarkable sharing. With catchy content, we make it easier for you to reach your target audience through the people they follow, love, and trust.

E-Marketplace Management

We develop your e-export by taking part in global marketplaces and by promoting your products in target markets. We stand by you in-store activation and product management processes in the world's largest marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, and Aliexpress. We follow the e-commerce and e-export trends for you, act in accordance with the new e-export dynamics in the marketplaces, and enable you to acquire new customers in global markets and reach your sales targets.

Facebook Export

We create audiences of potential customers associated with your products, whether in the world or in the target countries you specify. We provide access to specific target audiences suitable for your campaign goals such as traffic, video viewing, or similar target audiences that you can use in different countries. We ensure that your ads posted in multiple languages ​​on Facebook and Instagram are shown to the people most relevant to your products.

Theadx Export

Which countries buy your product, which countries make more purchases, in which years the export is more, and which companies buy from the importer countries, it is possible to find the answers to many questions on a single platform. We offer all the data you may need while exporting or starting to export.

Web Mobile Application Development

People who visit your website from the countries you want to export will recognize you as you describe on your website. Greet visitors with a fast, clear, and SEO-compliant website. Streamline user experience by country. How is your website content in the countries you are targeting to export? We stand by you in the process of localizing your content, such as how product names are used in the target market. We develop your web and mobile application in the most accurate way to describe your brand and products.

Data Management

Convert visitors to your website into customers with promotions and advertisements in countries you want to deliver your products to. Separate the data of your authorized visitors with geographical segments on country basis. For example; group your website visitors from Germany and UK visitors into separately targetable data segments. Create retargeting campaigns that can turn potential customers into new customers, specific to each country.

Google Marketfinder

We offer market recommendations that are appropriate to the product categories on your website, resulting in the online purchasing behavior of countries. Together, we examine your product categories and conduct detailed market research with the Google Marketfinder export tool. We examine the number of people searching for the products you sell in the target countries, the economic conditions of the countries, the laws necessary for you to be suitable for export, and many other data and determine the most suitable markets for you.

Media Planning

Target potential customers who might be interested in your products. Let us determine the target audience you want on the basis of sectoral or vertical data abroad and let your ads be published on the web and mobile sites you want. The road to big goals goes through big data. With the data-oriented detailed media plan, we create a target audience specific to you and on the target country basis and ensure that the relevant people see your products.

Online Sales Site

We stand by you every step of the way while setting up your professional e-commerce site that can be understood by people from all over the world in order to start global sales and increase your sales. Site setup, language support suitable for your target markets, localization, logistics support and many issues. We enable you to activate your site quickly without the need.


In your e-export processes, you must create versatile plans in order to reach the right customer and increase your international sales. With our e-export consultancy, we match you with buyers who buy your products from different markets through digital channels. Thus, you use the value of data and data mining to the fullest and you are constantly in front of the right customer. An experienced team of experts in the field of e-export can help you achieve your goals. All you have to do is fill out the form and contact us. You can also write to us about any question marks you have in mind.


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