If you want to sell products in China and want to get ahead of your competitors in the Chinese market, you can take advantage of our Wechat service as the first step. So what are we doing with this service?

  1. When you use our WeChat service, we register your private brand name by registering a corporate account. Then we carry out all the complicated bureaucratic processes on your behalf.
  2. Then, with the WeChat store setup, we carry out the establishment of a special store for your brand with care and attention to all details.
  3. In the next step, we install the WeChat mini program and install this program in the most optimized form. We provide WeChat account management and we design and manage your store or mini program.
  4. We also carry out WeChat account promotion and advertisements for you, and we conduct advertising activities for your brand on WeChat.
  5. We create product campaigns most efficiently and effectively for WeChat campaign management.


About WeChat Payment Transactions and E-Commerce

If you use our WeChat service, we optimize all payment processes of your sales through the application and provide you with the necessary consultancy. If you are still wondering why should I use WeChat, let's answer it like this:

  • First of all, it's important to have a corporate account. In this way, you can evaluate the most effective way to present your products to the huge Chinese market.
  • China is the most crowded and commercially active country in the world. In this sense, marketing your products in the Chinese market and maximizing your commercial potential will provide you with a return.
  • The Chinese market consists of nearly a billion people, and in this respect, in the world's largest market, your followers can buy your products with one click thanks to WeChat Pay.
  • Turkish companies, including many sectors such as construction and tourism in our country, continue to gain customers through WeChat. To take your place in the market, you can make your name known to 1 billion Chinese consumers who have online shopping habits with Wechat in China, where physical shop rents are very high.

Advantages of Setting Up Your Store on WeChat

You can start selling products in China by setting up your store with WeChat. With our WeChat service, we first set up your corporate account and then open your store here. With our WeChat service, you can set up your store in the most convenient way thanks to our Chinese experts. You can also promote your product, create your message to communicate with your followers and buyers. Also, you can perform the necessary transactions for the options you use such as payments and cargo tracking.


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