Inventory Targeted Advertising Service

With the inventory targeted advertising service, you can access all inventory on a single platform. This service also allows you to define targeting dimensions related to the inventory itself. For example, if you're a vacation agent, you can use inventory targeting to place your ads on specific travel sites.

SSP Targeting

With SSP targeting, you can reach thousands of websites around the world. With this feature, you can reach the opportunity to advertise on thousands of websites globally and locally with more than 120 SSP integrations in our network. With the SSP Targeting feature, you can choose specific to each SSP. Or, depending on your campaign content, you can target only display, video, native or SSPs that target a specific geography or provide vertical services such as mobile or web only.


Inventory List (Whitelist / Blacklist)

Targeting with inventory list targeting, you can publish your ads only to the publishers you want. Thanks to this feature, your website You can create a publisher list and publish your ads by selecting these publisher lists for each campaign.

Site and Mobile Application

Targeting with site and mobile application targeting, you can publish your ads only on the sites and mobile applications you want. With this feature, you can access the whole list of websites where your ads can be published. You can even publish your ads by creating rules specific to the website you want.

Creating URL Rules

With URL Rule Creation, you can determine the URLs where your ads will be published. With this feature, you can determine or block the pages you want to target on the basis of URL.



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