Google Analytics is a very useful reporting tool that you can use to measure the performance of your website, mobile applications, and all other web projects. Google Analytics 4 (or GA4) is a completely new version of Google Analytics that uses Firebase Analytics on the backend.

Google Analytics reporting tool, business and web areas by millions of web site, mobile applications and offline interaction between user to monitor the APIs are widely used. Most businesses know this platform as the tool that helps them track the amount of web traffic they receive, monitor important marketing channels, and measure their core KPIs.

googleanalytics4hizmetiOne of the big differences of Google Analytics 4 is the new data modeling feature that uses artificial intelligence to fill in the data gaps where traditional analytics can be blocked by cookie approval rules, blocked JavaScript and a focus on privacy.

What Can You Do with the GA4 Installation Service?

Most businesses use the tool to track visitor traffic and interactions or to plan keywords.

The overall benefit of GA4 is that it allows you to spend less time collecting data, while also providing a better representation of user behavior.

You can monitor a website and an app on the same account, as well as access more detailed information about revenue and how people interact with your website, along with several new reporting features.

The way data is stored and processed(data architecture) is completely different from past versions of Analytics. This will provide all of us with completely new ways to measure and analyze traffic usage for many years to come.

You can create and maintain target audiences from your users and applications on the web.


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