Addressable Geofencing Advertising Services

You can increase your productivity by using our Location Targeted Advertising Service.

Where a user lives is very important to ensure your campaigns are relevant to your target audience and to segment your audience. For this reason, it is possible to focus your campaign on a country, region, district, city or neighborhood. By using location targeting options, you can contact people if they really need your product or service.

Neighborhood Targeting

You can find your targeted customers in their neighborhood. You can reach your target audience not only in the region, city or district you want, but also on the neighborhood basis. As an advertiser with targeting technology, you can show that you have a better understanding of your customers, reach them with special messages and show that you are particularly interested in them.

Although your advertising campaign is good, it is inevitable that your return performance will be low if it is not displayed in the correct targeted position. With the Neighborhood Targeting feature of our Location Targeting Advertising Service, you can reach your target audience up to their neighborhood and increase your return on investment.

Addressable Geofencing Advertising Services

Hyperlocation Targeting

You will determine with the Hyper Location feature it allows you to reach your target audience within these regions by surrounding the locations you determine on the map with the boundaries (eg 5000M) .By publishing your campaign within these limits, you can offer real-time offers to your potential local customers with special messages and reach your target audience by directing them to your website.

Hyperlocation Targeting is a localized marketing method with precise targeting thanks to the highest quality and most scalable location data. With this method, it focuses on a smaller number of your customers in a very specific area. In this way, it becomes easier to personalize and measure your campaigns.

Dynamic Distance Targeting

Dynamic Distance Targeting feature allows you to target your potential customers who are located near the location of your business on the map and reach them with special offers you will prepare for them.

In this way, you can reach your potential customers with a single banner ad, your location, the distance of the user from your location, your products and the opportunity you offer. It should not be forgotten that users within a certain distance from your business are more likely to become customers.

Language Targeting

With the Language Targeting feature, you can target your target audience in the language they understand. This can also show you a better understanding of your customers. In these languages, you can reach them with private messages and show them that you are particularly interested in them. With this method, you can offer ads to users in their own language and attract your business by speaking the same language with them. Language targeting allows you to reach speakers of a particular language.

The more difficult it is to communicate with people who do not speak the same language, it will make it difficult for you to reach your target audience by offering ads in languages ​​that they do not understand, and no matter how good your advertising campaign is, if the correct language is not targeted, your return performance will decrease.

Addressable Geofencing Advertising Services

Targeting Nearby Places

If you have an address list belonging to users that you think will be interested in your business, you can target your potential customers in the immediate vicinity of these addresses by entering this list collectively or individually. In this way, your ad will not be shown to users with a low rate of reaching the product or service you offer. This way, you will use your budget correctly.

SES (Socio-Economic Status) Targeting

Socio-Economic Targeting feature enables you to target your customers as Socio-Economic on a neighborhood basis with Socio-Economic Status (SES) data. Sets a special offer for a particular group of Socio-Economic Status. This can increase the rate at which you get a higher return on investment or show your ads to users who are more likely to buy your products.

One of the golden rules of success in business is to know who to market your product or service to. It is very important. If you cannot accurately define who is the audience that makes up your market, you cannot present your products and services to the right target audience in your marketing efforts.

No matter how good your advertising campaign is, if it is not shown to the right target audience, your return performance will be low. When determining your target audience, you should reach this audience by analyzing which status users will be interested in your business or products.


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