PHP. ASP. HTML5 and much more… We can speak many languages ​​to meet your software needs. We move your brand forward with special software solutions for your goals. From web site to application development, whatever you need in the software world, we provide appropriate software services with our experienced team and turn your ideas into reality with the right strategy and time plan.




With our experienced team in our software department we provide services such as;  web site software, e-commerce software, Magento, OS Commerce, application development, Microsoft SharePoint, payment infrastructure integration, corporate intranet development, micro site and lead management system development, B2B web applications, CMS, call tracking web site security, data management platform integration. After determining your needs with you, we work with the correct setup. 




In the digitalizing world, software now shows itself in every field. With Industry 4.0, technology is what it is today and it becomes inevitable to receive Software services both in automation and marketing activities. With the service we provide to you in these areas with our experienced team, we bring your brand to its goals and make it ready for the future. We combine the right strategy with the digital transformation based on efficiency. 




Whether you are working in the education field or in the retail sector, you can take your brand one step further by getting software services. You can use e-commerce tools to increase your sales, manage data to better understand your target audience, or develop applications to create brand loyalty. We work with our software team to make you stand out in the sector in all these processes.




Web Software Service


We provide web software service for your website, which is the face of your brand in the digital world, to work exactly as you want and without any errors.


E-Commerce Software Service


Provided by our experienced team With e-commerce software service, we help you stand out from the competition in your industry.


Magento Software Service


You can have more control over your business with the software service we provide for Magento, which offers an improvable website infrastructure and flexibility due to its open source code. 


OS Commerce Software Development


With our OS Commorce software service, you can take your online presence to the next level, increase your traffic, increase clicks and sales.


E-Commerce Coupon Management


We increase your sales with coupon management, which helps your e-commerce site target customers to find the right products and opportunities.


E-Commerce Web Application Development


With our e-commerce web application development service, we aim to offer your visitors and users the best possible experience with a solid and efficient infrastructure.


Corporate Website Software Service 


Because of our corporate website software service whatever your product, services or goals are you can expand your customer bases. 


Application Development Service 


With our application development service, we provide technology and software solutions that are important for the success of your brand. 


Mobile Application Development Service


We help increase customer loyalty and brand awareness with mobile application development service.


Iphone-IOS and Android Application Development Service


If you want your brand and products to take place on IOS and Android platforms with millions of users, we help you with our application development service.


Facebook Application Development 


You can interact with your customer base through our Facebook application development service to achieve profitable results. 


Microsoft SharePoint Development Consultancy 


With Microsoft SharePoint development and consultancy services, we ensure that your brand rises to the next level in business development and document management. 


Payment Infrastructure Integration 


Thanks to the payment infrastructure integration, we provide the service that will enable you to accept payments from customers in your e-commerce store and operate safely. 


Online Social Community Platform Development 


By using our online social community platform development service to build customer loyalty and increase interaction with your brand, you can also encourage user engagement and stay in touch with your customers.


Corporate Intranet Development Service


With the corporate intranet development service, we facilitate the internal workflows of your businesses by providing tools that allow effective communication and productive collaboration.


Micro Site and Lead Management System Development Service


With our micro site and lead management system development service, we facilitate the sales processes for your company and define new internet marketing opportunities.


B2B Web Applications Development


With our B2B web applications development service, you can monitor your sales and potential sales movements. We provide software service for you to monitor effectively. 


Responsive Web Site Design and Software Service 


If your website does not automatically scale to appear properly on mobile devices, you may miss leads and sales. With our responsive web site design and software service, we provide a flawless appearance on all devices. 


CMS Service Web development 


Companies use their content management system as a customized web application to manage their websites. With the CMS Service we provide, we make it easy to manage the content of your website. 


Website Call Tracking Service 


Tracking phone calls is one of the most difficult and important parts of digital marketing. With our website call tracking service, we ensure that you always know exactly where your potential customers are coming from.


Website Maintenance Service


With our website maintenance service, we help your brand increase website performance and security, and intervene in possible problems. 


Web Site Security Analysis


To protect your customers and grow your business, you must make sure that your website is secure. We help you with our website security analysis service.


Data Management Platform Integration 


With our data management platform integration service, we enable you to communicate with your current or future customers via e-mail and SMS.




We, as Digital Exchange, are working to make you stronger day by day with our experienced software team and world class Software products. If you also want to get more information about our Software services, you can ask us anything you are curious about by filling out our form.

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