Corporate Intranet Development Service

If you are looking for a custom intranet solution for your company or an intranet developer that can work according to your company's criteria, our experienced team can help you with our Corporate Intranet Development Service. Our corporate intranet development options; It provides all the tools you need to manage internal communications, discuss activities with employees, assign tasks, and more.

Intranet Design and Development

Our team facilitates the internal workflows of the enterprise by providing tools that allow effective communication and efficient cooperation. Our Applications; It provides the ability to create and manage your company's employees, news, events, projects, tasks, web resources, documents and discussion forums.

All of our intranet solutions are web-based and allow access from multiple devices and computers. All are fully customizable to meet your business needs. Full source code is available in standard .asp, .net or PHP and is included in the application.

Corporate Intranet Development Service

When you partner with our team as your intranet developer, you can choose from one of our dedicated intranet solutions, including:

  • User / staff management: password search, personalization (user inbox), who is online, user messaging, contact list, live chat
  • Link / resource management: approve, edit, manage links, speed / sort links
  • Content management: Writing HTML, writing WYSIWYG (rich text), multi-level category management, multiple content layouts (ie articles, news, etc.), featured content, announcement broadcasts
  • Event calendar / calendar
  • Project and task management
  • Image / photo galleryDiscussion forums
  • Document / download library
  • Browser based uploads / file manager
  • Newsletter management
  • Surveys / survey management
  • Sitemap
  • Email Confirmation
  • Microsoft SQL server or MySQL database
  • Browser based manager
  • Technical support (via e-mail)

Corporate Intranet Development Service


Integrated Features

Our intranet solutions; Includes comprehensive features such as calendar, forums, ad management, e-commerce, surveys, auctions and newsletters. You can add and remove options depending on the needs of your business.

Content Authorizations

It is easy to create and manage content throughout the site. Various user levels can be allowed to publish content on the site. This allows different employees to post to different departments or lists. You can add or remove permissions and add new users at any time.

User Management

Scripts are provided for user registration and login. "Open" site access can be set or restricted on a per-item basis. This allows you to have complete control over which users can see what content and limit exposure to specific documents or discussions.

Event Calendar

Setting up your own event calendar or schedule possible. Create an event for a company picnic or meeting, or include birthdays so you don't forget to celebrate. Calendar; It can even be used to track marketing events, new blog posts, or anything else happening internally.

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