In the field of digital marketing, the influence of the new generation of opinion leaders called influencers is increasing day by day. Influencer Marketing stands out as a form of marketing that focuses on directing the purchasing preferences of the target audience by collaborating with influencers that have an impact on people's lifestyles and preferences in digital media channels. Many studies conducted in recent years show that internet users are more likely to heed the suggestions of people they admire and identify with, rather than a traditional advertisement. We are also aware of the importance of influencers in digital marketing and we aim to bring the right brands and the right influencers together in the creative and pioneering projects we have signed.


The person you are looking for can be a YouTuber with millions of followers, or a micro-influencer with 30,000 Instagram followers. It will match the target audience of your product or service and will bring you one step closer to the summit. For sure, finding the name is not an easy task. In addition to a detailed analysis and observation process, this is a sensitive process that includes many steps such as determining the influence area of ​​the influencers you plan to work with, and deciding who are the most suitable for your campaign. We want to guide you with our wide influencer network and experience in this field, and ensure that you sign influencer projects that will make a sound. It is not difficult to make a name for yourself on the internet with the right influencer, correct targeting and the right project.


In order to work efficiently in the field of Influencer Marketing, you need to find the ideal name to join forces. Sometimes an influencer with millions of followers may not be the right choice for you. For example, if your target audience consists of women over the age of 50, cooperating with a micro-influencer that has 40,000 followers but almost all of this audience overlaps with your target audience can bring much more efficient results. We also know that it is based on data and analysis as well as practical and creative thinking, and we guide you with our experienced team to make successful influencer collaborations for your brand.


Of course, we love to do things that break the game, but we know that a food company cooperating with an influencer that produces content in the food field can bring extremely efficient results. It is also the case that a leading tourism company has collaborated with a popular travel vlogger. There is no doubt that each sector brings different needs in the field of marketing. For this reason, it is very important to determine whether the influencer you are planning to collaborate with is addressing the target audience of your industry and the product or service you offer. While we offer our Influencer Marketing service, we know that each sector brings different approaches and expectations, and we observe sectoral subtleties in our studies based on data and results.


Performance (Marketing)

We evaluate the influencer collaborations we planned for your brand for performance, and we carry out data-based and measurable studies by drawing the road map that will give the most efficient results for you.

Influencer Content (Marketing)

We ensure that the influencer that we have agreed for the marketing of your brand's products or services produces social media posts or video content. After all, nothing beats quality content.

Influencer Viral (Marketing)

We cooperate with influencers that we think are suitable for you for viral advertising projects and make your brand talk in the digital world.

Influencer Experience (Marketing)

We prepare the appropriate environment where influencers can experience your products or services and share them with their followers, and we take the necessary steps to reach your target audience with experience-oriented marketing. After all, experience is everything.

Influencer Account Management (Digital Management)

We carry out influencer account management in line with our experience and expertise in the field, and we take them one step forward in the digital world with our quality and performance-oriented approach.

Creating Brand-Specific Influencer

Instead of finding the ideal influencer, we create! We create an influencer account from scratch in line with brand expectations and goals, identify it with the brand in line with a determined strategy, and support it with creative projects.


We are going through a dynamic period in the field of promotion and marketing. The dynamics that worked the day before may not work today. The alphabet of the work is constantly changing. Influencer Marketing is one of the areas that have gained momentum in digital marketing in the current period. Marketing activities carried out in cooperation with people who can be called the new generation opinion leaders, who have the power to influence the masses with their digital assets, provide extremely efficient gains for companies. If you want to make a breakthrough but do not know where to start, we are ready to serve you with our experienced team in the field of Influencer Marketing . You can fill out our form and ask us anything you wonder.

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